Burgan Bank introduce “Tijarati” , the first platform of its kind in the region

With “Tijarati” there’s no need for merchants to wait for transaction details or go through a complex reconciliation process. Nor do they need to track the credits coming to their account separately. Now, one can easily save time and increase their sales using “Tijarati” service anytime, anywhere to track sales transactions across several levels: account, brand, location, and terminal ID.

Interactive Dashboards and Business Insights

Analysing your sales data to grow your business is now at your fingertips, starting from an integrated display of all your stores to each store independently Including:

  • Total breakdown of sales(approved, declined, void)
  • Total breakdown of sales based on card type (credit, debit)
  • Transaction type (local, international)
  • Highest selling store (branches, brands) and sales percentage of each
  • Percentage of contactless payment transactions
  • ​Graphics of daily Merchant Sales Performance
  • Breakdown of transactions credited to the bank account(location, branch and card type)
  • Advanced daily transaction summary (past / present)

Easy Payment Solution with Tijarati Pay

Enjoy fast, simple and innovative payment solutions with Tijarati Pay, designed for SMEs.

New supervised payment solutions to complement your POS/PG

  • Accept all card types: debit, credit, and prepaid
  • ​Collect payments individually as bulk at once
  • Create and share invoices with customers
  • Monitor your business real time and track payment-request status​

Detailed Report Tool

  • Reports now at your fingertips!
  • ​Generate monthly business reports anytime, anywhere
  • Download all types of reports to your registered email address, including transactions, settlements and credits, and bank reports
  • Create your own personalized report customized to your convenience with specifics, including
    • Account number
    • Point of Sale terminal
    • Shop/location
    • Transaction type
    • Card type

Merchant Engagement Platform

  • Get rewarded while growing your business with specially designed campaigns from Burgan Bank! Instant rewards in the form of Burgan Reward Points redeemable across a variety of options
  • Build, Drive and monitor outlet level performance

User Permission Management

You can easily grant access to the platform to users of your choice in any way you want:

  • Grant, delete, or suspend user accounts
  • Grant access to reports of your choice


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