Burgan Bank is always seeking to reach out to the customers in general, and in order to stay in touch we are introducing the most convenient, easy-to-use and fast communication channels and platforms. We are launching this service based on our customer(s) feedback to provide a communication and enquiry channels which are relevant to their needs.

Burgan bank WhatsApp service (on 55804080) would be used for customer(s) general queries and will not disclose any personal and confidential information. WhatsApp is very handy when customer(s) travel abroad and we want to be relevant to the customers overseas as well as domestically. Burgan Bank continuously strives forward in providing our customer(s) with convenient banking 24/7.

Service Benefits:

  • Free service
  • Available 24/7 even during official holidays
  • People can reach the bank easily as WhatsApp is widely used
  • A quick communication channel to contact the bank while abroad
  • Handles general inquiries immediately