Special Needs Services


What services does Burgan Bank offer to special needs customers?

Burgan Bank now has six dedicated branches with the latest services to accommodate and facilitate banking for our customers with special needs. The services provided in these branches include:

  • ATMs which have braille keyboards and earphones, enabling visually impaired customers to withdraw money and such ATMs have special branding and enclosures to ensure the physical wellbeing of our customers.
  • ATMs have audio reception or sending while placing this machine in a glass room providing privacy for the user and opened via the card
  • Staff trained to provide services in sign language, for assisting impaired customers
  • Wheelchair access to branches and wheelchairs availability(in all our dedicated branches)
  • Reserved and clearly marked parking spaces

Which Burgan Bank branches cater to special needs customers?

  • Riqqa Branch
  • Adailiya Branch
  • Bayan Branch
  • Khitan Branch
  • Al Qaser Branch
  • Qurain Branch